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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“I started working with Elancer Solutions early in 2017 and at that time you could type my website domain directly into the google search box and I still wasn’t listed until the 5th page. Over the time that Elancer Solutions has supported my business, they’ve created me a strong website that indexes well with google, helped me to create and execute marketing strategies across my social media and email marketing platforms, have helped skyrocket the traffic volume to my website, and now I rank on the first page of google for almost all industry specific keywords in my area. The team is friendly, easy to work with, goes above and beyond job title, and is truly invested in the success of my business.They also stay up to date on the newest changes in SEO, and online marketing technology which gives me peace of mind in knowing that we are prepared to adjust to the ever changing online market. I can’t imagine where I my brand would be today without their support. I’m so glad that I trusted their processes and recommendations. Elancer Solutions is truly the backbone of my support team and my brand!”
DJ Shannon C

Seriously Tauseef, I appreciate all your help always. You are amazing to work with and I value your professionalism and assistance with everything I reach out to you about!!
Kaycee Aragon

“This group has helped me grow my business from two to four locations in less than two years. I have also become so busy that we added another three therapists to my practice in that time as well. I have owned my business for eleven years now and have worked with many web developers in that time. I have never worked with such honest, timely, ethical, and knowledgeable folks as with this group. I am beyond thankful that I am working with Elancer Solutions.”
Sarah James

“Honest, honorable help is what I get with Tauseef. He has helped me with every technical issue imaginable, and comes up with SEO tips and ideas I would never have discovered on my own.

Thanks to his services, I am no longer stressed by the work behind the scenes of conducting my business and instead can focus on my clients.”

Scarlett De Bease

HOLY MOLY Tauseef. thats SOOO awesome…MAN i wish i lived closer, id come over with a huge pot of tea and a hundred sweets to celebrate (I KNOW how you Indians are all addicted to sugar!!! :). thats so amazing to hear!!!. Im so happy for you and i feel so blessed that I have you in my life to help me as well of course!!!. How awesome. PLS send me some cool pictures. thats so great!!!. HOPE the darn floods have settled…. Man would be cool to meet you in person but in the meantime congratulations and celebrate with some Gulabs & Jalebis for me !!!!
Dr. Andreas Edrich, Denver CO.


I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.  Even though we don’t talk frequently, you are such a vital part of TMP.  I can’t imagine doing this without you.  I’ve never worked with anyone who is more diligent, trustworthy, and hardworking than you are.  You deserve all the good things and I’m thrilled you are moving to a larger space.

Thank YOU for all the ways you have contributed to my life.

Kim Bowen, Texas

“THANK YOU for a great tutorial. Your two classes have been great. Thanks so much for doing them. I’m looking forward to learning so much more as a result.”
Anita Hoffer

“Thank you Tauseef. I appreciate your assistance & support. The website & levels of support offered are outstanding”
Erika Maurer

“Thanks a million Tauseef; you are a real life saver!!”
Gayle Floyd, Victoria BC

“Tauseef is such a gem! Never did I have to worry about getting stuck with the technical side of zoom or anything else of technical nature during our course. He also helped me through some technical challenges after I fractured my wrist and couldn’t take notes. Tauseef is always there to save the day!”
Lori Keegan, Topeka, KS

“Tauseef, I always appreciate your kind and encouraging approach to tech help.”
Omaha, NE

“Thanks SO much for this extra problem-solving effort! I bet others around you would like to know too, (In fact, probably thousands of people want to know ;D. Haha!).”
Zoom chat participant

“Thanks for all you do to keep things working and us sane!”
Zoom chat participant